Painting 100,000 years ago

October 13, 2011

According to the New York Times, it turns out people painted as early as 100,000 years ago. And people didn’t start farming, for example, until about 10,000 years ago. This shows the importance of the creative instinct.


Tree of Life Visualizes the Cosmos Without CGI

August 18, 2011

For his cryptic family drama The Tree of Life, director Terence Malick wanted to conjure a vision of the cosmos. To do so, he recruited visual effects genius Douglas Trumbull and dropped a bombshell: Malick had no interest in computer-generated visuals. He wanted to go old-school. ” :

“the los box” trailer

December 4, 2010

check out “the los box”: independent film by Gabriel Smith new trailer:

Great Self-Portrait by Angela! plus Jasper, Alex…

November 26, 2010

Happy ThanksGiving!


Multimedia Arts Workshop in Florence, Italy

November 9, 2010

Artists join us in Florence for the Multimedia Arts Workshop focused on digital arts in August 2011. For more information see:

Congratulations to Dr. Rogala

November 2, 2010

Congratulations to Dr. Rogala for being named a recipient of the 2010 Meier Achievement Award:

Meier Achievement Awards for 2010 Gives Thanks for Work of Four Artists

The 2010 awardees are classical music producer James Ginsburg, sculptor Terry Karpowicz, multi-media innovator Miroslaw Rogala, and dancer/choreographer Molly Shanahan.

Miroslaw Rogala is the Foundation’s first interdisciplinary achievement awardee. His interactive multimedia work combines drawing, photography and computer skills, using the viewer’s body as a triggering device. Rogala’s eGarden Project documents Chicago’s Washington Square. The Museum of Contemporary Art showed his interactive public art Nature Is Leaving Us in 1989, and his Divided We Stand in 1997. Rogala sells still photographs from his projects online. Rogala quipped, “Writing software for art is building a paintbrush, hair by hair.”

For more information, see and

KSI Art Gallery Grand Opening: Your Digital World

October 29, 2010

check out the gallery website: